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We service 2000 and newer Asian & American vehicles

(No Lincoln, Caddilac, Chargers, Challengers or European Vehicles).

We don't perform alignments, tire services or oil changes (unless done with other work).


We are a small, family owned and operated repair shop that opened on this corner in 1943. We are blessed with a high volume of work (which makes us happy). Such a blessing, however, often causes a backlog of several days, making it impossible for us to give you the quick turnaround that you would like (which makes us sad). Please call ahead.

Thanks for your patronage (and your patience).









8:30ish - 5:30ish



​(Mail slot in door closest to gate)


1152 Dekalb Ave, N.E.

Atlanta, GA 30307





Roger Jordan Garage has been standing on the corner of Dekalb and Haralson avenues for more than eighty years. (Note that in 1943 that corner was cheek-by-jowl with today's MARTA tracks.) Across the street was Mr. Shumate's grocery store and Mr. Roach's Shell service station. Moreland Avenue crossed the railroad tracks at grade. And down the block was old Fire Station Number 12, the granite foundation of which is still visible at the eastern end of our property.

If asked for his business model, Roger would have laughed and said, "What's that?" But if pressed to express it, he likely would have said that he wanted to earn a living for his family, and for those of his employees, by providing a service, fairly and honestly. And thats hold true today, we think of our business as service, not sales.

Our Services


​- General Repair

- Maintenance

- Drivability Problems

- Computer Diagnostics

- Electrical Problems

- Tune - ups

- Brake Repair

- Steering & Suspensions

- Emissions Testing & Repairs

- More...


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